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A Cosmic Concert At Sinai

Ted Roberts

Something happened at Sinai. No one disputes that something as explosive as the cosmic big bang took place on a remote mountain peak on the Sinai peninsula. Witness to this event were 600,000 Jewish and non-Jewish spectators; a "mixed multitude" as we are told by that book of "history" whose origin has fascinated us for 3000 years. This book of history, ethics, poetry and drama that names names, specifies locations, and NEVER smooths the rough texture of its characters, cites multiple witnesses to the first and only mass epiphany in history.

The stories on my website are about the descendants of this thunderstruck crowd who knelt at the base of the mountain; all of whom had a whimsical sense of humor or they couldn't have survived a circuitous 40-year hike in a wasteland of rock and sand.

For that invigorating hike to freedom and a home they could call their own, they agreed to a covenant with their creator (You might use the word "Sponsor".) that forbad them the sweetest vices of their fellow humans. For this you also need a sense of humor.

So, these stories are about that Sinai crowd and the generations, even until today, who followed them. We were philosophically unruly then and so we remain. But when G-d stitched up the Tent of Judaism, he made it large enough for the patriarchs and you, and the Gaon of Vilna and the Baal Shem Tov, Dovid Hamelech and Barbara Streisand. The sign on our back says Jew, whether we study Torah on a balmy Saturday or fly kites. Our house has no walls, therefore, it is indestructible; and HE made it expandable so it could stretch from the Chabad House in Bombay to Temple Emanuel in Manhattan.

If we had the wisdom to understand our own heart, we might find that faith, like the tide, ebbs and flows. Saturday you're at high tide. Wednesday, you're a puddle on the beach. May these stories keep you at high tide.

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- Russ Roberts
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- Joe Roberts
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