Ted Roberts, a Rockower Award winner, is a syndicated Jewish columnist who looks at Jewish life with rare wit and insight. His product is short fiction, commentary, and a series of wedding and bar mitzvah guides that explain the tradition behind our ceremonies. His themes explore Judaism from apple strudel to Zipporah. Though he does not boast of his piety nor his scholarly knowledge of Judaica, he looks at Judaism through a new lens. A spoonful of humor helps the learning go down, he says.

When he's not writing, Ted worships at Etz Chayim Synagogue in Huntsville, Alabama, where for 25 years he has served as Bar Mitzvah teacher.

Like your bubbe's sweet and sour cabbage soup, he has a distinctly different flavor. He laughs at our eccentricities, marvels at our survival, and brags of Judaism's contribution to the Christian and secular culture that surrounds us. His themes are parenting, synagogue, romance, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and holidays. His specialty is holidays. He never met one he didn't love, including Halloween, which he claims is of Jewish origins. Some rabbis disagree.

Besides the Jewish press, Ted's commentary has appeared in Hadassah, Jewish Action, ORT Reporter, the Forward, and other Jewish magazines. The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, New York Times, Disney magazine, and websites such as AishHatorah, Jewsweek, JewishWorldReview, Jewishmagazine have also featured his humorous commentary.

National Public Radio Station WLRH, on a weekly basis, amuses its listeners with Ted's observations on our wacky world and the local university (Univeristy of Alabama at Huntsville) hosts his storytelling class.

His inspiration is his patient wife, Shirley. Shirley, both wife and muse, and three hawk-eyed children review every word he writes - especially his stories of family life, one of his frequent themes.

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