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Oodles Of Noodles
(The Romance Of Zero And One)
What would we do without numbers. How did the family of numbers join us on the planet. Look up and find the answer.
Holiness? On a Tennis Court
The Mission Statement of Judaism can be expressed in two Hebrew words: Tikuun Olam - repair an imperfect world. Only two Hebrew words, but what an epic assignment. So many holes in humanity's ragged shirt - so little thread.
A Lighthearted Bar Mitzvah Guide
Bar mitzvah boy, Bar Mitzvah boy, put away your childish toys. From Dan to Beersheva the Prophets cry, it's time to be a man.
Thelma Bluestein's Dybbuk
Did you know that Jewish ghosts love lemon pie? Stephen King I'm not, but I'm told that ghosts get hungry too. Just ask Widow Bluestein.
Superbubbe Comes To Town (With Her Gown)
A family tradition. That same bris gown served son, grandson, and great grandson. We bought it on sale for $7.99 and we've amortized that $7.99 over fifty years and nine brisses - 3 generations.
On Chanukah, Daughters Dream And Fathers Scheme
Love eventually prevailed even though Mama and Papa guided the bride's hand as she signed the Ketubah. A bubbe tells her young ones how it used to be.
Matrilineal, Patrilineal, Schmatrilineal?
The author answers the oldest riddle since they brushed the sand off the sphinx. Why Jews don't drive pick-up trucks - why they drink more Borscht than beer.
History And Future Of Judaism
The shortest history of Judaism in the library. How we made it so far - why we'll keep on truckin'.
Is Halloween A Jewish Holiday?
Talk about ghost stories - how 'bout Saul and the Witch of Endor. My rabbis says Jewish kids can trick or treat. But cannot accept pork chops.
Freedom Is A Gift, Like Springtime
When the Creator promised us a land of milk and honey, I think he was thinking of the good ol' USA as well as the land of Canaan. We thrive on Capitalism.
The Ketubah - Another Jewish Invention, Guys
Does a Jewish husband have any rights at all? Not according to the Ketubah, a girl's best friend. After grocery shopping, cutting the grass, and making a living - I gotta do the kitchen floor, too!
Take A Bubbe To Lunch
My grandmother dressed like Dracula and wore shoes like combat boots. Today they're in hip huggers and sandals.
Goodbye Poverty - Hello America
Some tell tales that in the Old World everybody's papa was a rabbi; and all those fugitives from Kings and Czars - they came to America on the Queen Mary - First Class, too!
Ruth, The Moabite, Progenitor Of The Messiah
Mothers, listen up. Ruth is the wife you need for young Sammy. But if her kind are still around, he won't meet them at the corner bar.
A High Holidays Proposal
Let's declare an intermural peace on Yom Kippur. The tent of Judaism covers us all.
Chanukah Confession
I'm sorry. I'm a Jew who enjoys Christmas. No, not the tree nor the baubles and beliefs, but the gemultlich, the warmth and the Jewish contribution.
Amos Goodheart
See if you can solve the riddle posed by the King to Amos: what can he carry without his hands? Are there no pockets in those shrouds?
A Fifty Year Waltz, And Counting
Oh how we danced on the night we were kids. Love conquers all at the Jr. Congregation Dance. Fifty years later the waltz continues.
The Goat; Yom Kippur's Prima Donna
We remember the role of the scapegoat on Yom Kippur. What a negotiating session he had with his Maker on that first day of creation.
The Night The Rebbe Did The Kazatzky
The peasant and the rebbe did the kazatzky better than Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Their high kicks, their spinning made a miracle.
Confessions Of A Bar Mitzvah Teacher
The author; bar mitzvah teacher, saint, drill sergeant - after 30 years of instruction to kids, vents his frustrations. "The cat ate the practice tape?"
Minyonman Is On His Way
A super hero for Jews. We've never seen him, but we know he's there. He makes every minyon and he's easy on the Kiddush table.
Mother's Day - Mother's Role
The women of the bible - queens of antiquity. Humble Hannah, the mother of Samuel needs a hotter PR staff.
A Polish Bar Mitzvah
A Polish shtetle in 1946. Were any Jews left to attend the Bar Mitzvah of Adam Zigowski except his father?
Rosh Hashonah Déjà vu
The body is mortal, but tradition is immortal and has a memory of its own. A young girl awakes to Jewish music.
Squanto; The Lost Israelite
You've heard of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel? Guess why Squanto loved gefulte fish and never hunted on Shabbos?
Asher Yotzar
You don't believe in miracles? Well, read about a medical wake-up call. My doctor is not in the phone book and never joined the AMA.
Elijah In Manhattan
How many frequent flyer miles does Elijah collect on Seder nights? How did he get to that bar in Manhattan?
Home For The Holidays
Kids can wander far from home - spiritually and geographically. But if you mark the trail, they'll find their way back on the High Holidays.
Pesach Visitation
How a Tzadic evaluated the Berg family on Pesach of 2004 and wrote her report card to the Teacher of all humanity. Tzadiks come in all sizes and genders, you know.
Guide To A Traditional Jewish Wedding
Ted finds humor and ceremonial significance in the traditional Jewish wedding. Guys, don't try to dance with the bride!